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Hanging Black Industrial Vintage Pendant Light Black
Hanging Black Industrial Vintage Pendant Light Black

Vintage and Industrial Lighting

Our lamps will give your home the vintage look you are searching for
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I ordered a 5 bulb pendant lamp and it is identical to the pictures on the website. Great quality product!

Asher Twill

I did not know this store but now, I can guarantee you they deliver what they promise to you

Neil Beck

I once ordered the wrong product, but that was no problem for these guys! I asked for a return and they responded within 24-hours!

Emanuela Wattson

I love vintage lamps. This store got such a great variety in products in this niche, name it and Clasterior got it.

Czen Noa

I like the collections of Clasterior a lot. I would love to see that they add other vintage furniture to their store.

Arnold Collings

I think this store is a great solution if you are struggling to find vintage lamps. Here they are all in one place.

Lisa Brenthart