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Himalayan Salt Lamp | Desi | Pink | Heart Shaped | 3-4KG

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Introducing the Himalayan Salt Lamp | Desi

Experience the benefits of the Himalayan Salt Lamp | Desi and its potential to improve air quality. This Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp is reputed to create negatively charged ions in the air, serving as an antidote to the positive ions generated by modern pollution and electrical equipment.

Neutralizing Electric Smog

By using the Himalayan Salt Lamp | Desi, you can enhance your surroundings with negatively charged ions. These ions help counteract the alleged physical and mental harm caused by 'electric smog,' improving your overall wellbeing and living conditions.

Unique Features

Rather than categorizing these lamps by size, we sell them by approximate weight, providing a unique approach to selecting your perfect Himalayan Salt Lamp | Desi. Markings are provided for a rough estimate of size. Rest assured, every lamp we offer is completely unique, adding a distinctive touch to your home or workspace.


  • A Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp known to generate negatively charged ions
  • Helps neutralize positive ions caused by modern pollution and electrical equipment
  • Sold by approximate weight rather than size
  • Each lamp is unique in design and form

- Package weight (shipping) : 3.786
- Barcode : 5055796595181
- Units per outer : 1
- Unit net weight : 3.6