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Himalayan Salt Lamp | Eliza | Grey | Wooden Base | 2-3KG

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Introducing the Himalayan Salt Lamp | Eliza

Discover the serenity brought by the Himalayan Salt Lamp | Eliza. It's more than just a lamp; this Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp is believed to produce negatively charged ions in the air. This is vital as today's pollution and electrical equipment proliferate positive ions, which can be harmful to us and lead to deteriorating air quality.

Fighting Off 'Electric Smog'

Using a Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp helps replenish the air with negatively charged ions. This aids in warding off the potential physical and mental harm that the 'electric smog' could cause, providing you a healthier living environment.

Sold by Weight, Not Size

We choose to sell these lamps by their approximate weight rather than their size. Size markings are provided for a rough estimate, ensuring a unique, tailored approach to your selection. Remember, every lamp we offer is completely unique!


  • A Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp renowned for creating negatively charged ions
  • Helps combat the harmful effects of positive ions caused by modern pollution and electrical equipment
  • Offered based on approximate weight rather than size
  • Each lamp features a unique design and size

- Package weight (shipping) : 3.171
- Units per outer : 1
- Barcode : 5056368302688
- Unit net weight : 3