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Himalayan Salt Lamp | Egypt | White | Pyramid Shape | USB | <1KG

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Introducing the Multicolour Himalayan Salt Lamp | Egypt

The Himalayan Salt Lamp | Egypt is a multicolour lamp designed to create a soothing atmosphere while providing significant health benefits. This Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp is reputed to generate negatively charged ions in the air. In today's world, pollution and electrical equipment create positive ions which are potentially harmful and can degrade air quality.

Countering 'Electric Smog'

Using the Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp can help replace the negatively charged ions in the air, counteracting the alleged physical and mental harm that 'electric smog' can induce. The lamp comes complete with a light fitting, bulb, and a 150 cm long USB connector.

Uniqueness Through Weight

Our lamps are sold by their approximate weight, not by size. Size indications are provided to give a rough idea, but remember, each lamp is entirely unique!


  • Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp believed to produce negatively charged ions
  • Helps neutralize harmful positive ions generated by modern pollution and electrical equipment
  • Comes with a light fitting, bulb, and 150 cm USB connector
  • Lamps are sold based on approximate weight
  • Each lamp is unique in size and design
  • Dimension: 9x9cm

- Unit dimensions : 7.5x7.5x10.5 (cm), 0.591L, 1.304Kg/L
- Materials/Ingredients : Himalaya Salt
- Package weight (shipping) : 0.77
- Barcode : 5055796593477
- Units per outer : 1
- Unit net weight : 0.77