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Retro Light Bulb | Brad | Dimmable | 8W | Warm White

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Introducing the Retro Light Bulb | Brad

Discover the charm and elegance of the Retro Light Bulb | Brad, an ST64 E27 8W Vintage LED Retro Light Bulb that combines energy efficiency and a classic design. This high-quality bulb is perfect for adding a touch of nostalgia to your home or commercial space while enjoying the benefits of modern LED technology.

Energy-Efficient and Long-Lasting

The Retro Light Bulb | Brad features high-effect energy-saving LED lights, ensuring a long lifespan and reduced energy consumption. Designed with a standard E27 socket, installation is quick and easy. Experience 360 degrees of soft lighting that illuminates your space evenly and beautifully.

Versatile Applications

This innovative bulb chandelier is perfect for various settings, including bars, parties, hotels, dining rooms, meeting rooms, drawing rooms, showrooms, shops, corridors, telephone booths, studios, and exhibition displays. The Retro Light Bulb | Brad provides decorative illumination for both home and public areas, such as entertainment lighting, architectural lighting, city beautification, and partial lighting.

Eco-Friendly Lighting Solution

With no mercury, lead, UV, infrared, or other pollution elements, the Retro Light Bulb | Brad is an eco-friendly choice for your lighting needs. Enjoy the warmth and charm of this vintage-inspired bulb without compromising your commitment to the environment.


  • Socket: E27
  • LED Chip: COB
  • Material: Glass
  • Voltage: AC 110V / 220V
  • Color Temperature: Warm White 2200K
  • Lifespan: >20,000 hours
  • Lighting angle: 360°
  • Working temp: -10~+50℃
  • Size: (1W=60~80 lumens)

Package Includes

1 x Vintage ST64 E27 8W LED Bulb Only.