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Himalya Salt Lamp | Holland | Pink | Oil Burner | 1-2KG

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Introducing the Himalya Salt Lamp | Holland

Experience the innovative design and unique functionality of the Himalya Salt Lamp | Holland, a fascinating blend of tradition and creativity that can enhance the ambiance of any room.

A Multipurpose Illuminator

This exceptional salt lamp incorporates a cleverly situated candle in its center, emitting a warm, soothing glow. The metal holder positioned above the candle holds a glass dish designed to contain your favorite fragrance oil, transforming the lamp into an effective oil burner.

Flexibility and Considerations

In addition to its primary function as an oil burner, the Himalya Salt Lamp | Holland can also serve as a wax melt burner. However, when using it for this purpose, it's essential to consider the bowl's size and depth to prevent melted wax from overflowing.


  • Can be used as both oil burner and wax melt burner
  • Product Dimensions: H16cm x W10cm x D10cm
  • Packaged Dimensions: H18cm x W15cm x D15cm

- Barcode : 5055581606207
- Height : 16
- Length : 10
- Width : 10
- Weight : 1.51
- Length: 10.0 cm, Width: 10.0 cm, Height: 16.0 cm